File resouce

Field Type Description
fileId ObjectId The ID for the file in question.
originalFilename String The original filename of the uploaded.
fullFileExtension String The full file extension.
mimeType String The MIME type of the file. This is only mutable on update when uploading new content. This field can be left blank, and the mimetype will be determined from the uploaded content's MIME type.
description String A short description of the file.
createdTime Date Create time for this file (formatted RFC3339 timestamp).
modifiedTime Date Last time this file was modified (formatted RFC 3339 timestamp).
md5Checksum String An MD5 checksum for the content of this file.
size Long The size of the file in bytes. This field is only populated for files with content stored in database.
dimention Object Object info of Image.
dimention.width Long info of Image Width.
dimention.height Long info of Image Height.
path String Path of file on server.